The Forest The Ocean The Sky About
The Forest The Ocean The Sky About


The Uninvited Bouquet (2020)

The Uninvited Bouquet

23.10.2020 11:26:30 TM


Untitled Experiment 007, 2115mm x 1410mm (2020)

Untitled Experiment 007

24.08.2020 23:07:45 TM


TELE 002 (2020)

TELE 002

22.08.2020 14:58:47 TM


Untitled Experiment 005, 594mm x 841mm (2020)


19.08.2020 22:33:59 TM


Untitled Experiment (w/ Lukas Keysell), 594mm x 841mm (2020)


16.07.2020 22:50:31 TM


Untitled Experiment, 210mm x 297mm (2020)


15.07.2020 18:24:19 TM


Sculptural Painting, 1000mm x 450mm (2020)

Sculptural Painting

16.05.2020 16:15:27 TM


TELE 005 (2020)

TELE 005

11.05.2020 18:32:37 TM


The Genesis of Eden (2020)

The Genesis of Eden

21.04.2020 19:30:13 TM


The Butterfly Effect (2020)

07.04.2020 23:11:45 TM


Iridescent Hide (2019)

Iridescent Hide

29.04.2019 12:49:47 TM


TELE (2018)

16.19.2018 23:37:01 TM


Life begins to open up. Old habits are sacrificed to make way for new opportunities. The sky comes into view again. It's always been there. It never left.

Always searching for something that doesn't exist, confused waves push in wrong directions. But these waves of disturbance are necessary to cleanse the reflection; they bring with them teachings. Lessons masked in pain, sorrow and fear. But inside remains love; always.


19.07.2020 22:57:00 TM


Sometimes life feels like running on a treadmill. No matter how fast I run, or how hard I try, real progress is never achieved. I wonder, am I doing the right thing? By the right thing I mean, am I running in the right direction, towards the right goal, towards my true purpose?

I believe that all of us were put on Earth with an inherent purpose to achieve. Of course, the number of us who actually achieve that purpose is extremely low. Some of us may come close. Perhaps it will be next time. Whilst some of us will end up at the opposite end of the spectrum, so far from our original purpose that we regress.

I will keep searching; keep questioning. Myself, my beliefs, my actions. I suppose that's all any of us can do. Sometimes, I doubt if my purpose is as great as I believe it to be. Perhaps some of us are just here to be average. But what use would that be. That thought never sticks around for long. Positivity is the driving force.

The issue is, it's hard to see clearly amongst the busyness. The environment around us clouds our vision. Voices from every direction, some analog, others digital. Flashing lights, flickers of colour, temporary amusement. Depression. A cruel cycle that we ride in addiction. Stepping back I already see clearer. Stepping back is what I must do. I see you again. Hello old friend.

03.04.2020 22:31:23 TM


The foolish one will fall into the same trap, time and time again. The wise one, who has made use of his mistakes, will sense the trap, traverse it, and use it to catch his food for supper that same evening.

Trust your gut. If the feeling isn't right, then it isn't. And that is that. It's easier said than done, of course. But it remains true nonetheless. Sometimes you have to be bold. You have to draw a line in the sand, and you have to stand by it, no matter the opposite force that may strike you. Don't let the tide wash over you. It happened once before, and once is all it takes to learn. A subtle move towards the land renders it powerless, the white foam barely touching our toes. It is much easier to feel the sun when we are dry.

It's better here, on the shore of the learning one. The warm haze transcends us into new realities, each one slightly more bizarre and wonderful than the last. Until we become the sun itself. Nothing, but eternal light.

30.03.2020 23:19:22 TM


I wonder if we ever find out who we really are. I'm excited for that day. If I can somehow bring it into existence. Maybe we've always known. Born into the World as nothing but the truest version of ourselves. A single being, untarnished by the heavy brush of our environment. Pure; honest; alive. I hold a feeling deep inside that I was myself once. A long time ago. Farther back than I can possibly remember. That's the person I search for in everything I do. I know he's in there, waiting for me to return. If I search hard enough, explore the deepest corners of my mind, and venture down roads that once seemed too dark to step foot in, maybe then, I will find that boy. And maybe then, I will become a man. Myself. In love with the World. Searching for nothing but truth.

25.03.2020 23:09:19 TM


Moments of crisis have the power to reveal the deepest desires of the soul. A crisis strips us bare. Naked beings, revealed in our most absolute nature by the light. Nothing, but the ringing sound of silence. It's in this moment that we are free, if only for a second. It's in this freedom that we finally exist, as nothing but truth. And with this truth comes an opportunity. An opportunity to learn; an opportunity to grow; an opportunity to evolve. That is, if we unflinchingly accept the truth, no matter the message it may bring.

19.03.2020 22:04:46 TM


So this is where it begins. The definition of ‘it’, however, I am still unsure of. But I am excited for ‘it’. And I hope ‘it’ is excited for me.

The process of moving away is always difficult. Moving away from a place; a person; an object; a desire; an addiction. You may be moving away by choice, or you may have been forced away. You may be running away as fast as you can, or you may be clinging on with all of your might to stay. But the fact remains, that it is never an easy process.

At this moment in time, I am still unsure of exactly where I am moving too. But I am moving nonetheless. Preconceived notions and voices of judgement shroud my every movement, both internally and externally; but my choice is certain. It’s easy to believe what you’re told to believe. It’s easy to stay where you’re ‘supposed’ to stay. But it takes courage to uproot and venture through the tundra, despite the incoming storm. Although not many share your faith, you are certain you can make it over the horizon. However far it may seem.

And so, this entry marks the beginning of my move. The first step out of the door. The first step into the unknown. The first step towards ‘it’.

06.03.2020 21:19:00 TM


Second Hand

Blank spaces inbetween,
Blurred shapes wander through.
Finite infinity,
A rainbow painted black and white.
Silent but for excessive beings.
The second hand listens to everything,
But never itself.
Incessant movement muffles the truth.
Obsessed with its purpose,
To tick,
To tock,
The second hand never found time,
To stop.

05.11.2020 09:27:15 TM



We grow toward the sun as trees,
Our leaves shaped by the wind and rain.
We grow toward the sun as trees,
Our bark a picture of our days.
We grow toward the sun as trees,
Our roots connected,
Intertwined with life.
We grow toward the sun as trees,
As trees we grow,
And die again.

29.10.2020 11:42:00 TM


Compass Needle

Beautiful pain,
Beautiful pain,
Sharp warmth coarses through my veins.
Lovers rain,
The mothers reign,
Broken blood stains the sound of her name.
Beautiful pain,
Beautiful pain,
Exhausted love seeps from my brain.
Eternal rain,
The mothers blame,
Lost feelings encompass me all the same.

19.07.2020 22:41:00 TM



Honest exhale,
The people cheer,
Honest exhale,
Devoid of fear,
Honest exhale,
The jokers lie,
Honest exhale,
Prepared to die.

17.05.2020 18:35:57 TM


Sonic Being

Crushed moments of sound block the way,
Hands spin slowly in the silent day,
Listening ears dampen the crowd,
Home at last my presence is found.

17.05.2020 18:34:45 TM



Stinging eyelids,
Sore of sight.
Purple reptile,
Deaf to vision.
Seeping Orchids,
Burn at night.
Purple reptile,
Acute Incision.

08.05.2020 21:57:45 TM


Deafened Groove

Finding the groove,
I slip inside,
But for a moment.
My groove.
Where is she?
We used to dance,
Noise deafens voices,
It deafened hers.
Contact through a shard,
Momentary happiness,
We smile.
Before the noise drowns us,

29.04.2020 14:04:42 TM


As I

View me as I am.
Not as I was.
Not as I will be.
But as I am.

11.04.2020 10:31:02 TM


Colours Emerging

Bleeding reds and greens,
The view,
Clearer from the sky,
Seeping from roots,
Guided by the present.

01.04.2020 23:31:29 TM


Bathed In Darkness

White lies seep from the evanescent breath,
Broken people weep at the imminent face of death,
Second hands strengthen the masks of our mind,
Carving the pavement steady on the left line,
Blind to the calls of the humming right,
Deaf to the whispers of the beckoning night,
We rise as it sets,
And it sets as we rise,
Echoes of birdsong evade the truest of eyes,
But patient we remain for our time to go,
Our time to bask in the eternal golden glow.

18.03.2020 19:02:26 TM


Whistling resonance floods the canal.
Beauty inherent,
Blessings abundant.
Truth pours shards of light into my heart.
Blissful pain,
Boundless lessons.

Schreeching motors rupture the song.
Beauty retreats,
Blessings fade.
False illusions suffocate the pure.
Blissful memories,
Boundless confusion.

08.12.2019 23:02:27 TM


Singular movements,
Carried by the gentle wind,
To destiny.

03.12.2020 21:30:54 TM


Glimmers of light pierce my heart,
The chord they strike resonates,
Long after shadows have ensued.
A hum in the night,
Until white strikes me again,
Just as the embers began to cool.
And so,
The fire rages a little longer.
Perhaps it is time to fuel it myself?
But fear of extinction looms in my mind.
The ashy smoke fills my lungs.
I like it that way,
I'm not sure why.
And so,
She glows.
Burning through the silent night,
The glimmers entice me.
Just enough to keep me warm.

01.12.2019 20:17:31 TM


Seeking solutions too complex to fathom,
Darkness rides in with doubt,
Colour kills a stallion,
It kills again,
The scene is so wonderful.

15.11.2019 22:21:54 TM


Butterfly wings brush across my cheek.
The temptation to grasp rushes over me.
Freedom is its beauty,
And so it is mine.
Gentle Butterfly,
Show me how to fly.

10.11.2019 15:06:31 TM


The paintings melted away.
Sight fading,
As my vision grew clearer.
Colours blurred,
Illusory strokes,
The canvas revealed.
At last I can see.

29.10.2019 00:01:25 TM


One man dances into the sun.
Free at last from the troubles of humanity.
Simply being,
In all of his energetic rage.
He continues to dance.

They watch,
Envious of his freedom,
Ashamed of their fear.
To dance.

To dance is to sing.
To dance is to fly.
Boundless at once,
With the movement of grace.
We dance.

15.10.2019 22:15:03 TM


All too often we put ourselves in boxes. Boxes forged through time by the perceptions of both ourselves and others. This space represents an attempt to break out of said box. A literal clean slate to freely explore my creative practice, and to archive its evolution. If you would like to know more, or are interested in collaborating, please contact me here. is the creation of Artist and Designer, Thomas McGrath.

13.05.2020 23:47:50 TM